Obon is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating one's ancestors. It is believed that eac...
Vexic Jul 13
Respect for the Aged Day
Unlike in the US, Japan respects their elderly. They do not see them as a burden on society. In this...
Culture Day in Japan
This holiday started in 1948 to celebrate Japan's new constitution. They lost the war but they k...
7-5-3 Day in Japan
This is a special holiday that is kind of a rite of passage for children. It is for boys and girl ag...
Christmas 2015
Christmas celebrates the day Jesus was born. It was formally a pagan holiday. Jesus was originally b...
Ace Day
Ace day is a movement created in 2015 by the Asexuality Blog and the Ace Community on tumb...
Vexic May 8 '16
World Goth Day
World Goth Day is a day celebrating the "gothic" and "alternative" subcultures a...
Vexic May 22 '16
Meet The Aro Day
“Meet the Aromantic” Day is a movement created in 2015 to promote awareness of the aroma...
Vexic May 25 '16
Mountain Day
This national holiday will be newly introduced in the year 2016 to celebrate mountains.
Vexic Aug 11 '16


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Phistars Jul 28
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Phistars Jul 28