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Howl’s Moving Castle Anime Miyazaki Movie Reviews

February 8, 2013

Howl’s Moving Castle Anime Miyazaki Movie ReviewsReviewsAnime Reviews

New anime –   Howl’s Moving Castle Anime Miyazaki Movie Reviews Today, I wanted to review the Howl’s moving castle movie. Its a movie based on a novel written by Diana Wynne Jones. Its a children’s classic. The film itself was made by Studio Ghibli’s Miyazaki. They say its hard to outdo your best. However, [...]

Tsukiji Nao’s Pop Culture Anime Wallpapers

November 13, 2011

Tsukiji Nao’s Pop Culture Anime WallpapersReviewsAnime Reviews

New anime – Tukiji Nao’s Pop Culture Anime Wallpapers Hi!! Chibis, did you sleep well? I had such sweet dreams today…Today I am gonna blog about Tukiji Nao’s movie and books anime wallpaper. These are the last anime wallpapers of Tukiji Nao that I could fung Shuei in a thematic format. The first pictures are [...]

Anime Couples

August 16, 2011

Anime CouplesReviewsAnime Reviews

New anime – Anime Couples Ah.. love is such a beautiful thing. Don’t cha think? To be in the arms of your lover all warm and fussy. Is like a dream. Anime Love happens to many and all anime characters. There isn’t an anime show without a romance. It is truly pretty how the above [...]

The Artwork of Tsukiji Nao

August 5, 2011

The Artwork of Tsukiji NaoReviewsAnime Reviews

New anime – Tikiji Nao Fancy anime Wallpapers This forum is dedicated to the wonderful anime artist called Tukiji Nao. Turly his art form is quite rococo indeed. It has such bright colors and the faces of the anime characters have a certain uniqueness about them (even if he is doing fan arts of other [...]