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London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Review Part 1

By Teresita the Speed Demon of Anime Kida, July 28, 2012

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London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Review Part 1

Today, Phi Stars rates the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012. I must say that the Pastoral age was a bit cheesy. They recited some Shakespeare poems and children sang. I am not particularly into children’s choirs. Basically, this performance was showing the history of London. Too bad, this Olympic performance omitted many sour things.


For starters, the Pastoral Era omitted the hundreds of bloody wars against the Scots. There is also the British colonial period. Then again, it makes sense that they omit all the sour parts of history. After all, there are people from all over the world watching the Olympics. I remember that the Chinese toned down the communist thing for the Olympics. They simply stuck to the golden jewels of their culture. The irony is that the communist party had spent eras trying to take the Chinese out of the Chinese. Well, as for the London Olympics, the scene was idealized and sweet. All that was missing were the sheep. Most, of the male performers in this era looked like Quakers. Well, they did start the Quaker movement. Too bad they kicked the Quakers from their country. It was so bad they migrated to America. Well, we can forgive this historical anachronism.


After the gay (as in happy) pastoral era, we entered the Industrial Revolution. This part of the performance seems to have been taken straight of a Soviet Union propaganda pamphlet. I don’t know why it seemed too communist. I been inside the belly of the beast so I can tell when they are selling me communism. Then again, communism was a side effect of the Industrial Revolution. Something that the Burgess did not bargained for when they created factories. In this part of the performance, the workers started feeding the machine of progress. They did take care to show poor factory workers.


¬†After the workers, rose the factories’ chimneys. The workers then open released molted metal.¬† They made the first ring of fire. The creator of this performance was aiming to give all the feel of working in a factory. Needless to say, we could all smell the surfer from a mile away. Even I could smell it from where I was seating. At a certain point, they brought out red poppi flowers in commemoration of the fallen. They made reference to WWI, the War to end all wars. Ironically, this war was the cause of WWII. What a pity… Alas, the Londo Olympics is a celebrations of the union of all countries. This was just a small sour note added to the performance.


Eventually, they made the rings of the Olympics. These rings represents all the continents of the world. After this scene, entered James Bond. He flew out of a helicopter. His para shoot was the British flag.This secret agent has made the British secret service quite popular. Still, I do remember that the real womanizer secret agent was slain by a Russian KGB female spy. Since most of the western spies are male, the Russians fight back with hotties. Most of the Russian fashion models are probably spies. Oh, well enough about the Russians.


Later, we heard “God Save the Queen”. The Queen had arrived with James Bond. The children’s choir finally did something cute. They followed their singing with sign language. I thought it was heart warming. Its hard not to compare this work with the Chinese masterful Cliche. At least, they made something genuinely British. The creator of this performance did say he was not aiming to outdo the Chinese. He was close, more or less. In any case, the first part of the London 2012 Olympics deserves 5 star rating. Enjoy.


The Olympic Torch 2012 Ceremony was truly a master-peace of ingenuity and Beauty, but I will cover this part on the second section of this blog, stay with us my pretties.

Olympic Torch 2012 Ceremony
Olympic Torch 2012 Ceremony

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On July 28, 2012
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Reviews : Anime Reviews : Reviews London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Review Part 1