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Tsukiji Nao’s Pop Culture Anime Wallpapers

By Teresita the Speed Demon of Anime Kida, November 13, 2011

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 alice in wonderland
Tukiji Nao’s Pop Culture Anime Wallpapers

Hi!! Chibis, did you sleep well? I had such sweet dreams today…Today I am gonna blog about Tukiji Nao’s movie and books anime wallpaper. These are the last anime wallpapers of Tukiji Nao that I could fung Shuei in a thematic format. The first pictures are from the classical Alice in Wonderland book.

 Alice in wonderland

I read the book. It was basically the story of a girl who saw and heard things. She seemed more like a passive actor in the entire narration. Heck, I could hardly find any speech in this story. You know this book was not originally intended for lil children. The author wrote it as a satire to nobility.

In any case, here we see Alice wearing a lovely red dress. This was during the period she spent with the Queen of Hearts. This Queen is more in tune with the original Queen of Hearts. She was not the loud mouth that Disney made her out to be .She was queenly as the saying go. If I remember correctly she was a satire to Queen Elizabeth of England. Next to her you see the Mad Hatter (the tea party scene was a satire of the Parliament). He looks real neat with that green checker board pattern. Anyhow, this pretty Alice in Wonderland anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Alice in wonderland

This Alice anime wallpaper is more in tune with the original Alice. Bellow you can see her inside that lil bottle. On the top, you can see a beautiful blue rose. You remember, the flowers used to sing in Wonderland. In any case, this pretty Alice is 5 star worthy.

 Alice in wonderland

Here is the last Alice in Wonderland anime wallpaper. Alice look  pretty cute playing around with the folds of her dresses. That giant bow looks very pretty one her. You know, now that I think about it, Alice is a satire of Mary Queen of the Scots. Mary had no idea what the hell she was doing. She was raised in a French Renaissance court (with all the pomp and gala that was common of that place). When her husband died she entered “wonderland” aka the barbaric Scotland. Scotland, back then was a terrible place to live (it still is but don’t tell the Scots that I said that). She was always bright eyed and innocent. The problem was that should Queen Elizabeth die, Mary would inherit the Throne.

Elizabeth hated Mary’s guts. She was so bitter at the fact that Mary was prettier and could bare children. Elizabeth was always paranoid about Mary. She feared that Mary was plotting to kill her.  It is for this reason, that when she found the right excuse, she had Mary’s head cut off on false charges of Conspiracy. Sound familiar? Alice did experienced a similar mock trail and almost lost her head. Mary was the first Queen to be executed by conventional laws (usually, kings and queens were assassinated). It was her case, that provided the judiciary premise to cut Maria Antonietta’s head. Thus, Mary’s death paved the way in blood for the future French Revolution. In any case, Tukiji Nao has earned 5 star rating.

 red ridding hood

The next classic on the table is Lil Red Ridding Hood. We all are familiar with the classical story of a girl and her grandma that were eaten by the big bad wolf. Eventually, they were saved by a kind lumberjack. If you take the sweet metaphors you will realize how sick and twisted this story really is.

Think about it… a lil girl is stocked by a pervert. She gives him food to chase him away. He later goes to her grandma’s house and “does things” to her. He takes the grandma’s clothing and waits for the girl. In a different version, he convinces her to enter in bed in the way she came into this world… The rest is history. Eventually, a kind lumberjack hears the screams of lil red ridding hood and saves her from the big bad wolf.

Thinking about the story in layman’s term makes my skin craw. Such tragedies were commonplace during the time that lil Red Ridding Hood was written. If I remember correctly this story was part of The Brothers Grim tales. In those days, when they spoke of a girl they referred to a girl between the ages of 7 and 10. To make it less violent, lil red ridding hood today appears between the ages 15 and 17.

Tukiji Nao follows that modern trend. Above we see the lil red ridding hood much older. Behind her we see cloned versions of herself wondering the woods. Around her we see bushes of apples. Apples are not shrubs fruits. They grow out of trees. Still, the scenery looks pretty well. It adds to the whole creepiness of the story. For a bed time horror for lil girls, this story fits the criteria. In any case, this anime wallpaper of Tukiji Nao is 5 star worthy.

 red ridding hood

Above we see lil red ridding hood in an alternative outfit. Her colors are a bit more opaque. The red hood is brownish. Then again the red dye was extremely expensive. This girl was obviously a village girl considering the fact that she had to walk to her grandma’s house (carriages were a sign of nobility and wealth). The wolf is human looking. In the circle bellow, I can see an older looking man with a pointy dog collard. He is wearing the grandma’s clothing. It seems that in this version there are two wolfs to deal with. In any case, this lil Red Ridding Hood anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 red ridding hood

In another version that I read (there is like 1000 or so), lil red ridding hood approached the wolf in a teasing fashion. It seems that the whole visiting the grandma thing was an excuse for lil red ridding hood to see the boy she loved. In a romantic playful fashion her wolf man waited for her in her grandma’s clothing. This anime wallpaper seems to fit this other version.  After all, red is the color of passion and desire. In any case, Tukiji Nao deserves 5 stars rating for this lovely anime wallpaper.

 red ridding hood

This is the last lil red ridding hood picture. What I like best is the dynamic flow movements of her clothing. They look really nice on her. 5 stars for this lil red ridding hood.

 the Hobbit anime

YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! Remember that line. Its from the Lord of the Rings movie. Its an instant classic. I tried reading the book once but it was so boring. Too many description, not enough action (its ironic considering how messy the movies are). I think this guys goes by the name of Aragon. Above him we can see an elf girl and a human girl. The elf girl has the loveliest looking dress. I think she was important in the first movie (I forget cause I never could sit through 30 minutes of the movie). In any case, this Lord of the Rings anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Lord of Rings

Hey, you remember this kid? Its Frodo the Hobbit. Toward the bottom I can see his two hobbit pals. Hiding behind Frodo I can see the former owner of the ring. Wasn’t he the one that said “my precious”? He was always a freaky lil something or other. Here Tukiji Nao made him more human looking. At least he does not look like a coughed up Hobbit. Beside Frodo I can see the lovely elf girl he met in the forest. I like this Frodo a lot better than all  the other Hobbits I seen running around pop media. He looks like a frail lil kid. In any case, this Lord of the Rings anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Howl Moving Castle

Howl is the prettiest lil “blonde” young man in existence. I do agree that blonde hair did look wonderful on him. Its too bad Sophie messed around with his spell components. His immaturity made him charming. In this anime picture we see several memorable moments from the “Howls Moving Castle” movie. On the top we see Calcifer removing the ashes around him (he is Howl’s demon familiar). Bellow we see Howl complaining to Sophie about his hairdo. Lastly, we see Sophie with Silver hair looking young again. Her teary eyes looks very pretty. In the center, we see the classical looking Howl. His attire is quite Spanish looking (Spanish as if from Spain not from Latin America). You know, he kinda reminds me of a male flamenco or tango dancer. The coat is similar to the coat that Toreadors wear. His entire attire screams masculinity in a Spanish sense. Anyhow, this lovely mage is 5 star worthy.

 Howl Moving Castle

You know, in her early years Sophie always saw herself as a plain looking girl. It was not until she met Howl that she realized that she a pretty looking girl. Here we see her wearing a lovely pink dress. Beside her we can see Howl. You know its interesting how Howl is more feminine looking than Sophie (in a strange sort of way). Beneath her I can see Howl’s lil fire demon Calcifer. He is currently looking at the blue prints of the flying castle. In any case, Tukiji Nao’s take on this classical Miyasaki movie is 5 star worthy.

 Harry Potter anime

Ah… Harry Potter is it? This children’s classic I actually read. I read the first book and the fourth book when I was ten (don’t fret about the order). My favorite of all the Harry Potter books was the Prisoner of Askaban. The worst was the last book. The problem was that I read another version from “elsewhere” that I found really good. In that other version, Dumbledore was the final boss. He was trying to make himself into a God and Voldermont was helping him in his apotheosis. Harry and his pals had to pass a trail in the pyramids of Egypt in order to get the immortality elixir. Needless to say, that Harry in his Griffin Animagus form had to fight the chimera skull phoenix form of Dumbledore. Can the original version compete with such a surprising ending?

Fantasy worlds aside, here we see Hermione surrounded by Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. See, I remember their names. Hermione looks cute in her refined uniform. Harry Potter came out pretty cute. Those green eyes are gorgeous. He used to be so cute until puberty hit like a train wreck. Malfoy came out of puberty looking like a Nazi (no offense is just that I think he would make a great SS officer). Then again I think those two comments were pretty offensive (eh no matter, I was just giving my honest opinion about their looks). Only Hermione came out of puberty in one piece. Anyhow, this lovely Harry Potter anime wallpaper made by Tukiji Nao is 5 star worthy.

 Harry Potter book

Here we see Harry Potter riding a broom. If I remember correctly Harry Potter was the Seeker of Griffindor. What I want to know is why male wizards ride brooms in the first place. I thought that broom ridding was a witch thing. After all, brooms might be rather uncomfortable considering the ahem…package… that man carry around. Then again, they are British wizards and British wizards might not have the same “problem”  (or blessing) as African wizards…AH!!!! When did this blog turn weird? Enough about British “packages”!!

Ok, Harry looks cute wearing his wizard hat. Toward the corner I can see Ron and Hermione. This Ron came out far better looking than Tukiji Nao’s Harry Potter. Beneath them I can see Dumbledore. He really looks like a kindly old man. I guess the alternative ending of Harry Potter would have burst far too many bubbles. Who knows maybe the martyr ending came into existence after J.K. Rowling received a “Misery” workout ( Misery is a scary Steven King Movie about a fan that kidnaps an book author and tortures him into changing the ending of his novel). Those bizarre points aside, this anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Howl Moving Castle

Howl looks cute wearing High heels. Beside him, I can see the smiling face of Howl’s lil demon, Calcifer. At a certain age, Howl gave his heart out to this demon (literally not in a bizarre sense). Now his life is bound to the life of this demon. The Japanese version of the movie was funnier than the translation. Disney kinda toned down some of the weird things that Howl said. Can’t blame them, this was ,after all, supposed to be a lil kids movie. In any case, this anime picture is 5 stars worthy.

 Lord of Rings

The next anime wallpaper shows the incredibly effeminate elf bowman Legolas. He is also from the Lord of the Rings. A lot of young men are into this personage. Can’t blame them, he does have a certain “something” that makes him appealing to that community. Anyhow, Legolas drawing his bow is 5 star worthy.

 Samwise Frodo Hobbit

The following anime wallpaper shows all the main characters from the Lord of the Rings movie. Their Tukiji Nao versions look pretty cool. In any case, they are 5 star worthy.

 mother goose anime

Mother Goose is a fictional character for a children’s book. She brings them many tales. Thus, we have the Tales of Mother Goose. Tukiji Nao’s Mother Goose looks extremely pretty. Around her, there are bands has the begin of one of her classical tales. The seal spells “Daffy down dilly is new come to town”. I suppose the flower boy is Daffy. He looks really pretty. This Mother Goose Anime wallpaper of Tukiji Nao is 5 star worthy.

 anime Peter Pan

The following anime wallpaper is about Peter Pan. I read the book over the top. In most plays, Captain Hook is played by the same actor who does Wendy’s father. He always appeared as a stingy crook who liked to drug the maid. Now that I think about it “Peter Pan and Wendy” is not really a children’s book. Eh… it sorta makes me wonder about a lot of things. The original story seemed to be aimed at the female audience. Peter Pan was this ideal sort of innocent sweet boy at the mercy of a fairy named Tinker Bell. The more experienced Wendy was turning Peter Pan into a man…You know the more I describe the original plot the more I realize  that Peter Pan is not user friendly for lil kids. Next time you read Peter Pan (the original), read between the lines. In any case, Tukiji Nao’s Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

 anime Rapunzel Tukiji

The next children’s classic anime picture is Rapunzel. I forget much of the storyline (cause it was not my fav classic). From what I remember Rapunzel is the story of a girl who was kidnapped by a witch. The witch kept her locked up in a tower. Rapunzel lived there for so long that her hair grew extremely long. One day she saw a boy she liked and she let down her hair for him to rise up to the tower and see her. Eventually, the witch caught up to them and that’s were I forget the rest. Here we see Rapunzel letting down her hair. Bellow we see the witch meditating on a piece of Rapunzel’s long blonde hair. Toward the top right, we can see the prince rising up tower to see Rapunzel. In any case, this lovely anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Sophie Howl anime

The following anime wallpaper shows Howl performing magic. Behind him we can see Sophie in a lovely green dress. This colored dress suits her rather well because it matches her green eyes? Wait a minute!! Her eyes were brown in the movie. Eh, whatever. Behind her we can see the house of Howl’s uncle, the wizard who taught him magic. In any case, this lot is 5 star worthy.

 anime Hobbit picture

Well, lets wrap things up with another Lord of the Rings anime wallpaper. I think this armored elf guy is Legolas. Behind the dwarf and the warrior I can see a white mage. Wait a minute, wasn’t the white robe the bad guy in the story? I remember that he fought the “you shall not pass” wizard. No matters, that elven armor is super neat, worthy of 5 stars.

As I said before Tukiji Nao is wonderful, imaginative and 5 star worthy. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog a hell of a lot. This one was more in tune with pop culture. So, yeah, this is bye , bye for now. Sleep tight and have fun. Don’t forget to brush your fangs Mr. Vampires.

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On November 13, 2011
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Reviews : Anime Reviews : Reviews Tsukiji Nao’s Pop Culture Anime Wallpapers Anime Reviews alice in wonderlandanime

Reviews : Anime Reviews :Tsukiji Nao’s Pop Culture Anime Wallpapers Reviews

alice in wonderland

Reviews : Anime Reviews : Reviews Tsukiji Nao’s Pop Culture Anime Wallpapers


  1. Wow!!!

    I love Howl!!!

    It’s Fantastic!!!

    Bye Chiara!!!

  2. yeah, that Howl is wonderful mage. his is my fav kids movie.

  3. Wow! it’s amazing!! I love your view of thouse old stories!! ;)
    Fly minds

  4. Anonymous says:

    …I like the pictures… but the comments? *ahem*His name is Aragon. Aragon. REALLY!? AraGON is an idiot with a dragon. The guy’s name is Aragorn. There’s an ‘r’ there. Do you even know the storyline of the Lord of the Rings?*end rant* I know I sound like I’m rude, and I kind of am, but I have to ask: is there no other way you can express your love for these pictures besides ‘this is 5 star worthy’? We get it.

    • Problem is that tsukiji nao wrote the names wrong on her descriptions and i sort of carried it with it, And no i’m not a lord of the rings fan, so i made a handful of errors a real fan would not have made,