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20 Newest Genzoman Anime Wallpapers

By Teresita the Speed Demon of Anime Kida, November 9, 2011

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 Genzoman anime Dibuarica

20 Newest Genzoman Anime Wallpapers

Hi!!!Chibis! How you been? Did you have sweet dreams? Did you eat right? So yeah, another Genzoman blog. He is truly the most prolific anime artist in our neck of the woods. His Japanese equivalent are Kantoko, Mikeou and Tony Taka. Well, this is a Genzo blog so onto his work. As I said before his art style is a hybrid of anime and marvel. He is fluid and has enough imagination to come up with some amassing artwork. This blog will focus on his latest work. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Above we see, Dibuarica. Genzoman created her in to promote his artwork in a Chilean convention called Dibuarica. His anime girl has a giant pencil that she is using to draw a manga page. Behind her one can see the ocean blue background. This juxtaposition of images makes it seem that the world is growing out of the graphic novel or that the world is turning into a comic. Her attire is an sailor moonish anime version of the traditional Chilean girl attire. Also, the title of Dibuarica lies within a speech bubble. For all the fine attention to detail, this new Genzoman anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman anime art

The next anime wallpaper is called Etchings of Power. This was a commission work for Terry Simpson. From what I read, the book is not 5 star worthy. But no matter. A commission work is a commission work. I am not too fond of the “fate of the entire world rest on my hands” topic. If its not Jesus (or the other  respective representatives of religions) , I will not believe such nonsense out of anyone. Anyhow, Genzo did much to meet the demands of his commission. Here we see the three main characters and bellow them we see all the bad guys they killed. Something about the storyline reminds me of classical Santeria… but I will not dwell too much on something that I do not consider 5 star worthy. Rest easy my sweet Genzo, your anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman anime Gaia

The next anime wallpaper is called Gaia. Genzoman is the only mangaka artist that does classical work. In any case, here we see a revision of the Titan Gaia. Gaia is the primordial Titan. She is life itself. Her husband is Oceanus. The romance between these two created the our world out of chaos. In this depiction, Gaia appears as the sole creator Goddess. Her robes are made of stars. In any case, this fancy mythological anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman anime Jallu

Now this is quite the change of pace. This shows that Genzoman has the ability to draw anything and everything. Usually, mangaka artist stay within their comfort zone. It is refreshing to see a mangaka artist who does something new and exiting. Anyhow, above we see two frogs wearing ponchos excited about the rain. The entire image is filled with the freshness of spring. Toward the bottom right you can see a lil lady bug. Lets see, the tittle of this anime wallpaper is called Jallu. Jallu is a type of rain that supposedly is summoned by frogs. Before each rain in Los Andes  (a mountain range between Chile and Argentina ) you hear the frogs croaking. This is a sure sign that there is going to be a downpour. So keep this in mind should you ever travel down Los Andes. In any case, this fancy anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman anime WOW

The next anime wallpaper is a commission for the World of Warcraft. This eh.. “whatever it is” goes by the name of Kelsa Wildfire. As you can tell by the name and the picture she is a fire mage. Her entire clothing is an elaborate wizard attire. She follows the traditional wizard fashion. In any case, this “thing” is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman anime Kraken

RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! Remember this line? That Clash of the Titans movie made that line extremely popular. From all the epic heroes, Perseus got the short end of the stick. It is not everyday one has to face the God of Death, Medusa and a Titan. In any case, here we have the Kraken doing Kraken things. The Kraken appears in hundreds of mythological legends.

There is such as thing as a Kraken. However, the whole “devouring human ships thing” is an exaggeration. The only Krakens that we have ever seen have been dead Krakens that have washed up ashore. They are highly elusive creatures that Discovery only recently discovered and videotaped. Their main enemies are giant blue whales. Many of these whales bear the scars of their epic underwater battle. These beasts rarely go up to the surface. They are mostly deep water dwellers. In any case, Genzoman’s Kraken is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman metroid picture

Above we see Samus. She is the main character of the Metroid Games. The first Metroid game came out for Nintendo Entertainment System. It has evolved quite a lot since then. I first found out about this character through the Gamecube Metroid Prime game. Basically,Metroid tells the story of a girl who travels all over universe ridding worlds of dangerous creatures. She is extremely skilled at what she does. This is show by her graceful movements. Her eyes have the mark of an professional hunter. Just look at how she holds that ET monster as if she is ready to crush it. Truly, this anniversary Metroid anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman anime mythica

The next anime wallpaper is for a fantasy Graphic Novel called Mythical. Here we see a powerful warrior directed by a dark robe. Behind them we can see the spears of war around a full moon. For its sheer epicness, Genzoman has earned another 5 star rating.

 Genzoman Street Fighters

This guy goes by the name of Eagle. He is a character from the video game/ anime show called Street Fighters. Uh… I don’t think he showed up in the anime show. He only showed up often in the first part of the Street fighter game. Eh… I don’t really care much for him. He is just a blondy with sticks. In any case, this wonderful Genzoman anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman Street Fighters

This thing is also from the street fighter game. Genzoman called him Twelve. He looks pretty col and quite dynamic. He looks as if he is about to jump yah. In any case, twelve is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman the odors

Basically, the Odors tells the story of a post apocalyptic world that is plague by a virus that tear you in half. The main character travels this terrible world trying to make sense of it. Above we see Genzoman’s take  in The Odors. Here we see the main man’s epic finish. Toward the rising sun we see the silhouette of the dead man. Overall, I think this is a pretty cool looking image that is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman myth Tunupa

This anime wallpaper goes by the name of Tunupa. Tunupa is the lil guy on top of the rock. He is a kind of civilization founder God. Our western Equivalent is Jesus and Orpheus. Jesus taught the christian to be Christians and Orpheus created the Greeks. In any case, Turupa went down the Andes and gave civilization to the coastal natives. It was said that he had power over the volcanoes and could control the blue “sky fire”. He was well liked until one day he was captured put inside a raft into a lake were he was swallowed up by the Earth. It seems many civilization making Gods suffer personal tragedies. After all, Jesus was cruxified and Orpheus was killed by a bunch of crazy fans. Here ,however, we see Turupa (at the prime of his power) fighting a volcano deity. He is in the process of calling sky fire or lightning. In any case, this awesome epic anime wallpaper of Genzoman is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman anime UFS

This lovely angel anime girl goes by the name of Allahra. She belongs to a game series called UFS. That is all the info I know of her. She does look pretty cute. In any case, this Genzoman anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman UFS Gabrek

Another UFS anime wallpaper. This guy goes by the name of Gabrek. He seems to be some kind of pumped up Vampire. I am not too humored by the cigarette in his mouth. I think he could do without it. Still… it is a commissioned work. What I like best is how Genzoman handles the subject of night. The entire scenery is pretty cool. Anyhow, this Gabrek is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman UFS Satoshi

The next UFS guys is Satoshi. He is a ninja samurai. What I like best is the skulls in his knees and arms. If you noticed the floor is stained with blood. He has just cut to ribbons some random guy. In any case, this anime wallpaper is worth of 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman Skull Man

This guys is Skull Man 33, also from UFS. He has a megamanish super hero kind of look. Behind him you can see the city that he inhabits. I like how the background compliments the main character. In any case, this fancy anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman myth Viracocha

Viracocha is the Incan creator God. He created time, space, the universe and our world. He is usually associated with the sea. He is said to have risen from the Lake Titicaca to bring forth light into the world. Something I noticed that all creator Gods start their work by bringing light into the world. This makes sense because the first great mystery of creation is the rising sun. Light has fascinated humans since the dawn of reason. Thus, the first order of business of the creator Gods is to bring light into the world.

In any case, he first created a race of mindless giant (or dinosaurs) . These beings did not humor him so he drowned them with a flood (sound familiar? In Genesis God sent down a flood to get rid of the wicked and the brainless giant angel half breeds). After his work was done he disguised himself as a beggar crossed the Pacific Ocean on foot. In this form, he spread his teachings of the mysteries of his creation. So think twice about calling crazy a beggar that calls himself God. Like Jesus he will return in the end of days to save his creations from suffering. At least there is no such thing as hell in the Incan Mythology (don’t worry these guys are not into human sacrifices; that is an Aztec thing). In any case, this awesome super cool creator God with the rising sun in the background is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman Viva Chile

The title of this anime wallpaper is “Viva Chile” or Long Live Chile. This guy is the father of Chile, an Irishman named Gael Sileanarch. He helped the people of Chile free themselves from the colonial rule of Spain. Here you can see him leading his army. It is an epic and heroic vision of war. In any case, this anime wallpaper is 5 star worthy.

 Genzoman anime Mexico

This one is “Viva Mexico” or Long Live Mexico. The guy in the center looks like Pancho Villa. Behind him you see all the other Mexican heroes. It is truly another lovely 5 star worthy Genzoman wallpaper.

 Genzoman Yama Uba

So yeah, lets wrap things up. This thing is called Yama Uba. She is one of those traditional old haggish freakiesh demons. She lives alone in the woods and sometimes appear in the form of a pretty girl. She lures travelers to her hut were she eats them. Her hair has the power to turn to snakes. Here we see Yama Uba smiling at us. I hope that this Genzo blog has humored you. As you already know, he is a DA 5 star worthy anime artist. Tata and Goodnight.

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