New to Anime Kida

well and everyone else too lol still here is vol 3 of the furies , hope you like it
Vol 2 of the Furies Is finished if you guys wana read it :)
The furies Vol 1 PDF check out an anime kida only manga drawn by my sister and Me.
Our Official Reporter will be going next week to Anime Central. If you see her or AK say hi alright :)
Perla Miyako AK's official cosplayer - like her facebook page and follow her work.
Vexic Does Fen-Light Yagami and Fem Sebastian, Check it out :)
Holy G just joined Anime kida check out her latest manga Tarot
Seeking Writers for Projectotaku.com if you want to try it contact Mrs blunder
Vexic Fen Sebastian Cosplay :)


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